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“Youth work sits alongside formal education and wider institutions in providing the holistic personal, social and educational development opportunities necessary to help successful transitions to adulthood.”

“The work carried out by youth work in school impacted most on developing confident individuals. Many young people spoke of raised self-esteem, better social skills and increased confidence in facing situations both within and out with school.” – National Youth Agency Commission into the role of youth work in formal education October 2013.

"Young people who are disengaged from learning can be re-engaged through more subtle and youth work orientated approaches using group work and relationship building as fundamental ‘corner-stone’ principles." – Youth Work in Schools: an Investigation of Youth Work, as a Process of Informal Learning, in Formal Settings by Dr Tony Morgan, Pat Morgan and Brian O’Kelly 2008

Youth Unlimited CIC have successfully delivered a range of youth work services for various educational establishments in Somerset including Academies and Pupil Referral Units. Professional youth workers are skilled at effectively engaging with young people using a range of youth work methodologies to address issues affecting their lives.

Examples of how Youth Unlimited have supported schools and their students.

Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education:

The principles of good practice, developed by the PSHE Association, are close to those of the National Occupational Standards for Youth Work; including starting where young people are at, encouraging self-reflection and providing opportunities for young people to make decisions about their lives.

Youth Unlimited have provided schools with both specific one-off PSHE sessions, and full PSHE programmes that run throughout the whole academic year. We offer a range of subjects reflecting the needs and concerns of the students, the schools and the wider society.

Student Support:

Often students become disengaged from their learning environment for various reasons. The use of a youth worker offering student support is a useful way for schools or colleges to address the issues and improve relationships. Students often appreciate outside intervention that is not associated directly to their learning environment. Youth Unlimited have successfully developed valued relationships with students and their families. We address issues affecting students in order to support their re-engagement.Schools / colleges have improved relationships with students and their families. In some cases we have sought and secured funding for students to pursue positive opportunities and activities outside of school / college.

Non-formal, informal, group work, and issue based work approaches to learning:

Group work is a popular vehicle in which informal education is delivered by youth workers. The benefit is the existence of ready made groups for youth workers to engage with irrespective of the reason for attendance. They form the group, use ice-breakers to create group cohesion, build a contract with the young people and decide on the aims of the group. Some stay in the school while other use a youth wing or external space. The group allows the workers to build a trusting relationship with the young people in order to explore and address issues

Youth Work:

Working within schools and Coleges:- Youth workers can engage with students in a variety of ways for example, detached work around corridors, cafeterias, common rooms and play areas; work with various interest groups; home work and study support clubs; holiday and leisure provision; work with young people experiencing difficulties around schooling and pastoral and personal support


These can be day long, residential, mediation, issue based, spiritual and often supplement the school curriculum.


Youth work has a clear role to play in delivering improvements in the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils. At the same time, the official body for inspecting schools needs to recognise the impact that good youth work can have on formal education.

If you wish to discuss and explore potential ways that we could be of service, please do contact us. We are always happy to discuss any opportunity to improve and enrich the lives of young people. Our professional youth work knowledge and experience ensures that we offer the most comprehensive advice and services.