Detached youth work project

What is InteGr8?

InteGr8 is a “Street Based” youth work project known as Detached Youth Work. Detached means that the project is not linked to any particular service, we don’t ask people to sign up to a group, or attend a club or a service or anything . We offer a completely confidential, professional service for young people to just meet up, hang out and chat wherever young people are. Anything we discuss is confidential so we won’t be telling the Police, schools or anyone what we talk about (unless there’s a safeguarding matter where someone is at risk of harm).

InteGr8 is funded by the Somerset Community Foundation’s, Hinkley Point C Community Fund. 

InteGr8 aims:

  • to focus on positively engaging young people, developing trust.
  • to prevent additional pressure on existing services by supporting individuals with low level needs.
  • to reduce vulnerability, increase self esteem, provide informal education around issues affecting young people including sexual health, meaningful relationships, substance use, exploitation etc.
  • to raise aspirations, raise resilience and improve emotional health.
  • for young people to become empowered to effectively manage their emotional health and well being, to access support when required.
  • to enable young people to feel valued by their communities, to connect with their communities and contribute positively.

Who is InteGr8 for?

Detached youth work positively engages with all young people, many that may not access other activities or services, perhaps because they don’t feel able (confident or accepted) or just choose not to. 
Many young people that we meet are “disengaged” from their communities, they don’t feel like they “fit in” maybe they struggle in school or at home? Disengaged young people are often more vulnerable and at risk of being exploited – taken advantage of unfairly.

We will chat with anyone about anything, we may not have all the answers we will listen and support. We know young people have concerns such as, relationships, sexual exploitation, involvement in anti social behaviour, offending, social exclusion, feeling marginalised (not belonging) homelessness, developing emotional and mental health worries, use of substances and engaging in worrying relationships. We can talk about anything and even support someone to attend appointments should they like. 

Where can I meet the InteGr8 youth workers?

Our Detached Youth Workers are in Sedgemoor and Taunton areas. We meet young people in their communities, in the parks, on the estates… wherever young people choose to be. We are also available to offer further individual or group support during days (possibly arrange to meet in schools), providing support with anything that’s concerning. It’s completely confidential but we may encourage and support young people to access other specialist support or advice services where appropriate.

We are keen to work with other professionals and organisations and councils. If you want to discuss how we can deliver detached youth work in your community please get in touch.

Annual Evaluation Reports:

Click on the images below to read the annual InterGr8 Project Evaluation Reports for years one and two.